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Desert Island

I ask the great and the good which chocolate they couldn’t possibly live without…

  • Marieke desert island


    Chocolate maker Zartpralinen

    ‘Definitely some cacao beans because I love eating them. I’ll take a marble slab and some tools with me to be able to make chocolate on the island. And I think I would take some of my lemon chocolates  and an 88% Tenor.’

  • Jo

    Jo Fairley

    Founder – Green & Blacks

    “Well obviously it would be Green & Blacks, probably Maya Gold. Every time I go back to it I think it is genius.”

  • Mark Tilling DI

    Mark Tilling

    Chocolate Master, Bake Off Creme Winner

    “I love the single origin, the Madifirolo, the one from Cocoa Barry. I love it for its fruity, passion fruit and citrus flavour.”

  • jeni barnett DI

    Jeni Barnett

    TV Presenter

    “Paul A Young’s Sea Salt Caramel. Could die happy.”

  • Frank Homann

    Frank Homann

    Founder of Xoco Gourmet Cacao

    “Duffy’s Mayan Red of course. And there are a few others coming out this year with our beans. I really like Patrick Roger, of Paris, also. And Domori. And Åkesson, Marou, and a whole lot of others, many of the makers and growers are good friends too. Luckily, most of us are having a good time on our journey. After all, we are the good guys.”

  • Nicolas Cloiseau DI2.jpg

    Nicolas Cloiseau

    Head Chef - La Maison du Chocolat

    “A bar of pure Porcelana, a pure origin with a very balanced flavour.”

  • Eric Lanlard DI

    Eric Lanlard

    Master Patissier

    “My West Indies Chocolate Tart ….made with Valrhona ‘PURE CARAIBE’ chocolate.
    Eating it is like being on a Dessert Island ….all the spices of the West Indies and a chocolate Blend made from cocoa beans from the Caribbean.”

  • Claire Burnet DI

    Claire Burnet

    Co-owner and chocolate maker, Chococo.

    If I was allowed two items it would have to be Purbeck vanilla ice cream with our house hot chocolate sauce (a secret water based ganache blend of milk and dark chocolate). If only one, it would probably be our Lemon Zing chocolate with a fresh cream and lemon curd ganache. It’s fresh zingyness would keep me smiling on my desert island!

  • Chantal Coady DI

    Chantal Coady

    Founder and CEO, Rococo Chocolates

    “Our Gru Grococo bar. You must taste it. It is one of my proudest moments, a single estate, single origin from our own cocoa farm. It doesn’t have any vanilla in it, because we just wanted the cocoa to shine through.”

  • AllegraDI

    Allegra McEvedy

    TV Chef and Cookery Writer

    I find a cup of Mexicana hot chocolate very hard to beat. Does that choc & spice thing very soothingly, whilst also being rich and definitely a treat. I love food that takes me back to the place I first tasted it, and when I inhale this I can feel the market on a dark night in a suburb of the enormous Mexico City all around me.

  • mary berry di

    Mary Berry

    Cookery Writer and TV Presenter

    Lindt Lindor irresistibly smooth milk, because it is exactly that! Melts in the mouth and a real treat.

  • Igor Gherardini

    Igor Gherardini

    Chef/patron Gelateria Il Bambi

    “I thought about what I would take with me on a desert island. I think that 40 feet of Marco Vacchieri’s Il Pavé (dark chocolate, gianduia and whole IPG hazelnuts) would be helpful.”

  • Guido DI

    Guido Castagna

    Chef/patron Guida Castagna Chocolate.

    “One of the first chocolates that I made from the bean, from Trinidad, it was the first good one.”

  • Dom Ramsey

    Dom Ramsey

    Chief Chocolate Officer - Cocoa Runners

    My desert island chocolate changes all the time, but right now it would have to be  the intense and fruity “Gru Grococo” bar from The Grenada Chocolate Company & Rococo. But I’d love to take one (or two) of Paul A Young’s divine Simnel brownies with me too.

  • Jennifer Earle

    Jennifer Earle

    Founder - Chocolate Ecstasy Tours

    “There are so many amazing bars that I love: Pacari 70% Raw, the Gru Grococo bar, Marou’s special edition, Duffy’s original Honduras bar, Menakao dark with salt and nibs, Madre’s Triple Cacao, Valrhona’s Manjari, Pralus 100%.  Or maybe Paul A Young’s Marmite truffles. Can I take chocolate cake too?”

  • Judith Lewis

    Judith Lewis

    Chocolate Blogger & Judge

    “My desert island chocolate would have to be Soma’s Chuao. It changes and evolves with age, is nicely complex and is never the same twice. It challenges the palate and yet can just be enjoyed piece by piece.”



  • Monica Meschini

    Monica Meschini

    International Chocolate Awards Grand Jury

    “Seriously Madagascan, and I think Domori. I am Italian! Domori Sambirano 70% when it is one of the best harvests.”

  • Friis Holm DI

    Mikkel Friis Holm

    Chocolate maker. Friis Holm Chocolates.

    I have the “best” dark chocolate cookie recipe I picked up in San Fransisco at Citizen cake many years ago – works wonders with a fruity-acidic 70% chocolate. But I would be happy to settle for a batch of my 70% Nicaliso.

  • YaelChoc DI

    Yael Rose

    Founder of The Chocolate Festival

    “Hot chocolate! I can’t live without it, it is my drug. Once a day I have to have it!”

  • Santiago DI

    Santiago Peralta

    Founder, Pacari Chocolate, Ecuador.

    “Manabí is one of my favourite chocolates. But to be honest, the one I am really hooked on is our 70% Raw, and right now the 85% Raw.”

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Desert Island Chocolate

I ask the great and the good which chocolate they couldn’t possibly live without…

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