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Desert Island

I ask the great and the good which chocolate they couldn’t possibly live without…

  • Michel Roux DI

    Michel Roux Jr

    2 Michelin Starred Chef

    “My desert island choice would be Amedei’s chocolate’s Chuao variety; it’s the equivalent of a single estate, with a fruity intense flavour, that lasts forever in your mouth, so you only need to bite off a tiny piece at a time. Delicious.”

  • Matt Turran DI

    Matt Tarran

    Head Chocolatier, House of Dorchester

    “I would probably avoid chocolate on a desert island as it would melt! But if I had to choose, I’d take House of Dorchester’s Marc de Champagne truffle due to it having layers of both milk and white chocolate – one of the best champagne truffles out there in my opinion.”

  • Aneesh Popat DI

    Aneesh Popat

    The Chocolatier

    “My signature Cru Virunga Chilli and Lime Water Ganache would definitely give me the will to survive! Zesty lime first, then chilli but only after seven seconds… and then at the end a second wave of acidity from the Cru Virunga! Total taste bud party!”

  • chocolate-week-2012 DI

    Kate Johns

    Director of Chocolate Week

    “My desert island chocolate would have to be a warm chocolate fondant dessert oozing with a gooey dark chocolate centre”

  • William Curley DI

    William Curley

    Master Chocolatier

    “I don’t think Porcelana from Amedei is beatable. My favourite chocolate that I make is Japanese Black Vinegar. If it was a cake I would have one of our Black Forests, and if it was a biscuit I would take a Millionaire’s Shortbread!”

  • Amelia Rope DI

    Amelia Rope


    “I would take my own pale coffee bean (Amelia Rope Chocolate)  – the velvety caramel for comfort and the coffee beans to give me energy if I need to do a runner!  I would also sneak in a bar of my dark hazelnut & sea salt just for those days where I needed strength, a hint of rock crystal salt and my favourite nut.”

  • Lucy Young DI

    Lucy Young

    Food Writer

    Orange Milk Chocolate…..Divine Chocolate, Fairtrade and simply divine. I could eat a whole bar and smile the whole way through.

  • William DI

    William Sitwell

    Food Writer & Waitrose Kitchen Editor

    I would take a supply of Melt Salted Caramel chocolates, and a load of Amelia Rope Bars. Delicious!

  • Maricel Presilla DI

    Maricel Presilla

    Chef and Food Writer

    There is a new Pacari bar called Nube, that is not even on the market yet. I think it is fabulous!

  • James-AverdieckDI

    James Averdieck

    Founder of GU

    “Lindt; Milk, Lindor or 70% dark, just because I like it!”

  • Credit Photo: Paul Winch-Furness /

    Paul A Young


    “I would have to take a huge supply of my Bowmore Whisky truffles. They would remind me of autumn days with roaring fires and being cosy out from the cold.”

  • Duffy

    Duffy Sheardown

    Chocolate Maker and Founder – Red Star Chocolate

    “Has to be my Honduras Indio Rojo – to remind me how lucky I have been over the last 2 years. Plus I love the taste of course.”

  • Keith

    Keith Hurdman

    Master Chocolatier – Thorntons

    “In 2004, The Italian Pastry Academy named Felchlins Maracaibo 65% as the best chocolate in the world…..Such a claim is hard to verify but as Italy produces some very good chocolate themselves I take their judgement very seriously and therefore that would be my choice…for the first day on the island anyway!”

  • Alistair

    Alistair Croll

    Chocolatier – simplyhandmade

    “My 76% Dark Chocolate Aberlour Whiskey Truffle, because it’s the best.”

  • Martin

    Martin Christy

    Founder 70% and The Academy of Chocolate

    “I just can’t do it for a single bar. I can give you a list of 10 or 20 though!”

  • philipp

    Philipp Kauffmann

    Founder - Original Beans

    “The story of cacao in four bars by Original Beans . It is a really cool stack, so I would go with the 4.”

  • Robin Weir

    Robin Weir

    Food Writer and Historian

    “No competition, Amedei Porcelana. There is nothing better.”

  • damian DI

    Damian Allsop


    “Can I say that I don’t like top tens and bests of? But you can put Amano Madagascan, the water ganache of that is the best I have done so far. But ask me next week and I will have a different answer.”

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Desert Island Chocolate

I ask the great and the good which chocolate they couldn’t possibly live without…

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