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  • Fresco – Prototype Chocolate

    August 13, 2013

    A great North American bean to bar chocolate maker.

    Fresco Bars

    One of the joys of the current fine chocolate scene is a increase not only in interest, but also in the number of chocolate makers springing up all around the world. This too presents me with one of the frustrations, as even while I do get to taste many of fabulous things, at fairs, while judging, it isn’t always easy to source small makers operating across the seas. There are dedicated chocolate lovers setting the retail...

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  • Masters of French Chocolate – Patrick Roger

    July 30, 2013

    Today finds me back on the Eurostar, so an appropriate time to bring you another of my top Paris picks.

    Patrick Roger Chocolates

    Patrick Roger’s chocolate is hard to miss in Paris. He has six boutiques in the city, all of which have serious curb appeal. I love the stainless steel and glossy eau de nil. It makes a change from chocolate brown, and is a great backdrop to the undeniable beauty of his chocolates. The boutiques also play host to the astonishing works of sculpture in chocolate to which M Roger treats his customers. The displays are...

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  • The Curlew – The Chocolate Project Launches!

    July 16, 2013

    My work with a fantastic restaurant comes to its delicious fruition.

    The Chocolate Project

    Over the last few months I have been engaged in a hugely enjoyable collaboration with Andrew Scott, wonderfully talented Head Chef of Michelin starred restaurant The Curlew in Bodiam, East Sussex. I have been tweeting and writing about the work in progress, and it has been hard to contain my excitement about the project. What a thrill to hang out in Andrew’s kitchen, bring my knowledge of fine chocolate to such a receptive ear and palate,...

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  • Rococo Chocolate Tempering Masterclass with Barry Johnson

    July 2, 2013

    The Principal Chocolatier of the award-winning Rococo now runs some exemplary classes.

    Rococo Bar

    A morning spent in Rococo’s kitchens with Principal Chocolatier Barry Johnson? That’ll be a yes please! It was my great pleasure recently to bring you an interview with Chantal Coady, founder and CEO of pioneering Rococo Chocolates. Rococo celebrated an admirable 30 years in March, and due to Chantal’s visionary leadership is still a leading light and going from strength to strength. Very much part of that strategy and achievement is Chantal’s appointment of the most...

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  • Mikkel Friis Holm, multi award winning chocolate maker.

    June 18, 2013

    Put simply, I love Friis Holm’s chocolate, and you will too.

    4 Friis Holm Bars

    When Mikkel Friis Holm took to the stage at Chocolate Unwrapped he left no one in any doubt how he felt about chocolate. He was at pains to emphasize the pleasure and the sensuality that chocolate’s unique cocktail of flavours and texture bring. He was cheeky and light-hearted in his presentation of his own glorious wares. His joy and jolly demeanour are not a stage act; his is genuinely infused with enthusiasm and delight for...

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  • Mott Green 1966-2013

    June 4, 2013

    My interview with Mott from late April, published now in his memory.

    Grenada Chocolate 82

    David Friedman, known to all as Mott Green, was one of a kind, that rare individual who through his purity of vision and dynamism, created something quite exceptional. Both with his chocolate and in his person Mott touched and inspired all who met him. It is with shock and deep sadness that I learnt of his untimely death. Waking on Sunday to the news was surreal, and the absolute tragedy of his loss is profound. His...

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  • The Curlew’s Chocolate Pudding, a thrilling work in progress.

    May 21, 2013

    A first report on my collaboration with Michelin starred restaurant The Curlew in Bodiam.

    Sticky Toffee Souffle

    The wonderful thing about being a food writer is sharing secrets and discoveries. That could be a recipe, or spreading the word about the extraordinary, world-class delicacies that I come across in my travels as a chocolate expert and judge. There is finer, more diverse, more complex, more refined chocolate being made now than ever before. And it is my joy to bring other foodies to the party, show them the light. It is an even...

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  • The International Chocolate Awards 2013

    May 7, 2013

    I report back from the European semi-finals of this prestigious awards as a newly appointed member of the Grand Jury.

    Awards sign

    Springtime means awards season, and the eyes of the world look to see what is going to lead the way, what will be lauded, and what given that all important gold. I am not talking about that famous gold statuette, but the gold medals of the International Chocolate Awards. While those across the pond shook out their silks and were abstaining from anything more than a lettuce leaf in anticipation of the world’s press and...

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